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I just got a call from Lt. Joe Lucero of the Sheriff’s Department. He gave me some more information about the sheriff’s new website that allows people to search for restraining orders that have been served against individuals.

Lucero said the site is updated at least three times a day, and pointed out that the department doesn’t provide any information at all about the individuals who have taken out the restraining orders.

“We didn’t want them subjected to any sort of stigma that might be attached to taking out a restraining order,” Lucero said.

A reader e-mailed me earlier and asked if the sheriff’s website includes restraining orders that have expired or have been denied in court. Lucero cleared that one up. He said the site only includes current restraining orders. Once an order has expired or been denied or challenged, it’s taken off the site.

The main purpose of the site, Lucero said, is for individuals to check whether a restraining order has been served. San Diegans can now get information that is almost real time, he said.


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