There are some really great ways to procrastinate if you’re not anxious to work and you’re stewing because everyone else seems to be on vacation.

I think the news team put out some superb reads this morning.

  • Rob Davispiece on County Supervisor Pam Slater-Price’s fundraising machine is interesting. The $2 million in public funds each county supervisor is allowed to give away as they deem appropriate is often criticized as simply a way for them to gain the political allegiance of those who benefit from the disbursements.

At least for Slater-Price, her patronage has produced some political dividends:

In at least one case, a grant recipient has actively fundraised for Slater-Price, seeking donations from another organization to which the supervisor directed public funds. Ann Campbell, who earns $253,000 annually as the opera’s development director, has specifically solicited recipients of the county grants.

John Malashock, artistic director of Malashock Dance, a Point Loma dance company and school, said Campbell approached him this year. As Malashock remembers it, Campbell pointed out that his organization had benefited from Slater-Price’s generosity — it has received $40,000 in the last three years — and asked if he would commit to raising money.

Malashock agreed, and said he’d write a check and also try to raise $1,000 for the campaign. He said he was able to raise $750 from his family and a board member.

Slater-Price’s campaign received Malashock’s donations on June 15. Four days later, Slater-Price gave Malashock’s nonprofit dance company a $10,000 grant.

  • Kelly Bennett‘s piece and the excellent multimedia presentation on foreclosures in the region — and particularly on one street — can keep people like me enthralled for an hour. I remember a year ago driving through the eastern portion of Chula Vista. Each corner was overwhelmed by “For Sale” and “Open House” signs. I couldn’t help but wonder how that was going to turn out.
  • My friend David Lynn got some much deserved good press in the Union-Tribune today. Lynn helped coordinate the effort to put a fence and other amenities around the large dog park on the western side of Balboa Park known as Nate’s Point Dog Park. Thanks to $90,000 in donations from the San Diego Foundation and local citizens, the park is now accessible to the disabled, has a nice aesthetically pleasing fence to keep the dogs safe and a new fountain.

Again, full disclosure, Lynn is my friend. But his success provides a road map for others on how to get things done.


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