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The San Diego Unified District just released a copy of Chief Administrative Officer José Betancourt’s severance package. Here’s a copy.

The deal provides Betancourt with six months worth of severance pay — totaling $100,406 — or three months more than required by his contract.

In an accompanying statement, the district said Betancourt’s “last day of service” at the district was Aug. 10. (When I spoke to the district on Aug. 13, the district insisted that he was still an employee but merely on leave.)

The six-page agreement also spells out how the district must respond to reference inquiries from Betancourt’s future employers: Such inquires should go directly to the superintendent, and the staff responsible for responding to them “have a duty of professional candor and honesty and (the district promises) that information shall be provided without malice and based on credible evidence.”


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