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Friday, Aug. 24, 2007 | This is one amazing city being run by fools. First the mayor lies like a rug about Sunroad and covers for his friends he directed to approve the building. Then he fires them as the public starts to see through him. OK, they deserved to be fired. After all, would you jump off a cliff just because you were ordered to? No, unless there was a very big cushion to fall on with a lot of benefits.

Then you see this: To square his 2004 campaign’s half-million-dollar debt to himself, City Attorney Mike Aguirre continues to receive checks. Some have been written by people with business in front of his office.

When is this guy going to pay back the city for all the ridiculous cases he has filed? He could pay off some of the pension debt with all the money he’s spent so far.

Then there’s Jerry’s mouth piece.

Who runs this city? Strong Mayor, strong city attorney, strong unions?

Where are the strong public? Where is the word recall?

Where are the people who can stop this?

Right here reading the

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