Friday, Sept. 14, 2007 | On Friday, buried toward the end of Jay Posner’s weekly Union-Tribune sports media column is his observation that the “Chargers-Bears was the most-watched game of the opening weekend, with a 13.6 rating, making it the highest-rated show on TV since the season finale of American Idol.” Actually, the Nielsen Media reported rating was “24.1” but this is not the point of this letter. Rather the point is that Jay Posner (and for that matter the UT) has once again failed to add substance to the sizzle.

Substance such as an observation that a 24.1 rating means that an estimated 250,000 households in San Diego County were watching this game and that 49% of all TV’s in use regionally at the time of this game were tuned to this game. Substance such as that in comparison to the San Diego Chargers, our San Diego Padres, who were on television at the same time fighting to make it to the play-offs in October, had a reported rating of 2.5 or roughly 10 percent of the Chargers and similarly only 5 percent of TV’s in use throughout the county were tuned to the Padres game.

While these numbers speak for themselves in abstract, in reality their potential informative impact is greatly diminished when not properly highlighted when provided the evidence and opportunity to do so. There are a great many San Diegans who stand to lose a seasonal weekly pursuit of their “quality of life” when they one day wake up and find that a major regional asset is no longer located within the county of San Diego.

I have patiently been waiting for the Union-Tribune and your writers to step up and publicly report and thus broadcast to the general public that contrary to the desired perception broadcasted by opponents to a new stadium for the San Diego Chargers, there are a great great many residents of San Diego County who will be adversely impacted if our home professional sports team is no longer around.

The same home team that roughly 22 percent of all households within the county had at least one person if not two or more spending three to four hours watching and rooting for it this past Sunday as they have done so going on 47 years.

I am still waiting for the authoritative substantive news article to go along with the sizzle. You publicly owe such an unburied informative article to be read by all of the fans of your newspaper whether they are sports fans or not and whether they are San Diego Chargers fans or not.

Add Substance to the Sizzle Please!

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