Malinda Dickenson, a deputy lawyer to City Attorney Mike Aguirre, today elaborated on her office’s concerns regarding the Navy Broadway Complex redevelopment project.

As we reported yesterday, Aguirre met with the council this week to ask them to consider suing Doug Manchester, the developer of the military property, because he is allegedly reneging on a requirement that the city be shielded by the developer in lawsuits regarding the project. No action was taken in closed session as of press time, Dickenson said.

Dickenson said the city’s agreement with the Navy, which owns the waterfront property, called for the developer to protect the city from litigation, should it arise from a third party. This could include assuming any legal fees or expenses related to the lawsuit.

“They’re now taking the position that they don’t have to,” Dickenson said.

This is a significant point now, she said, as the city is listed as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by activists with the San Diego Navy Broadway Complex Coalition. The group sued the city in February for allowing the development to go forward despite their concerns that the government hasn’t gauged the environmental impacts that may take place as a result of the development.


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