Reader LB wrote in with a new take on the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce’s announcement yesterday of its “Top 10 Lifetime San Diegans.”

LB created a new list, which I think is a great idea. So here’s your homework for the day, readers. Make your own “Top 10 Lifetime San Diegans List” and e-mail it to me (by clicking on my name below). I’ll publish the responses as I get them.

Here’s the first list. (LB couldn’t contain it to 10, so it’s a Top 11.)

  • Dene Oliver, CEO of commercial developer OliverMcMillan.
  • Steve Peace, former state senator and movie maker.
  • Alan Bersin, former school superintendent, former U.S. attorney and current airport authority chairman.
  • Businessman Stan Foster.
  • Padres owner John Moores.
  • Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs.
  • Pete Wilson, former mayor and governor.
  • Developer Ernie Hahn I.
  • Former Congresswoman Lynn Schenk.
  • Murray Galinson, banker.
  • Former state Sen. Dede Alpert.

So there you go. Who’s your Top 10? Let me know.


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