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“The Seagull” writes that our readers are being too high-minded and serious with their lists of Top 10 Lifetime San Diegans.

So here’s The Seagull’s more light-hearted list (with some minor editing):

1. Tony Gwynn
Because he is Hall of Fame baby.

2. Cameron Diaz
[Let’s just say Seagull admires her looks more than her acting.]

3. Gail Devers
Because she’s fast … in a good way.

4. Dennis Hopper
Because he is revolutionary (and a good actor by the way).

5. Scott Peterson
Because he is infamous (and also a good actor for the first few months at least).

6. (Rocker) David Scott Mustaine
Because he rides the lightening baby.

7. Tony Hawk
Because he innovates.

8. (Adult actress) Tiffany Storm
Because she’s fast [not like Gail Devers fast].

9. Robert Wilder
Because he mixed environmental causes and money and made a lot of money. That is quite simply, amazing.

10. Skip Frye
Because he is old school surfer and he stayed true to his game … Besides his wife gets all the honorable mention these days.

And here’s one final disclaimer from me: I don’t know exactly what were the criteria used by the chamber. But please, feel free to use whatever criteria you please.


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