I heard this morning from “Dan from Wichita” who had a message for Bill Curtis, the guy we wrote about today.

Here’s what Dan had to say:

I just read your article about Bill Curtis and his family. Tell him to come on to Wichita. My wife and I have a combined income under $100,000 and live in a four-bedroom, three-bath home with close to 3,000 square feet. We have a lake and community pool in our neighboorhood. Oh yeah, we paid under $200,000 for the house. …

There is plenty of work for him — close to 40 percent of all the business jets made in the world are made here. …

Tell him we don’t have beaches and it can get cold here in the winter, although the snow usually only stays on the ground for a day or two. And I’ve lived in Kansas and Missouri for all but three of my nearly 38 years and never have seen a tornado.


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