We’ve got two more of these Top 10 Lifetime San Diegans readers’ lists.

This from Nancy:

  • Hazel Waterman, turn of the century architect.
  • Alonzo Horton.
  • George Marston.
  • Joyce Beers, Hillcrest activist.
  • Former Mayor Maureen O’Connor.
  • Patricia DeMarce, Balboa Park activist.
  • Sister Mary Michael Cummings, who founded what became Scripps Mercy Hospital.
  • Jess Jessop, founder of San Diego’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center.
  • Ann and Amy Putnam, philanthropists.
  • Alice Klauber, artist.

I’m learning a lot about San Diego history here. This is fun.

This from “Feeling Hopeful:”

1) Randall Hamud, civil rights lawyer.
2) Diann Shipione, pension fund whistle-blower.
3) Tanja Winter, peace activist.
4) Marc Knapp, late teacher and president of SDEA teachers’ union.
5) Diane Takvorian, environmentalist.
6) Ian Campbell, director San Diego Opera.
7) Arthur Ollman, founder of Museum of Photographic Arts.
8) Claudia Smith, director of California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation.
9) Rev. George Walker Smith, Catfish Club founder, pastor and former school board member.
10) Michael Aguirre, first honest pol in years

The next one up is a bit of a different look at it. Stay tuned, and please keep them coming.


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