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Couple of things for Monday:

  • We’ve had a good few days in Café San Diego recently. No matter what you thought of Jim Waring’s opinions, I don’t think you can dispute that he was a good host. He took on the toughest questions and didn’t play coy at all.

If you have ideas for good Café San Diego hosts, let me know and I’ll see what we can do.

Up today is Sen. Christine Kehoe. When she hosted several months ago, she had a very productive discussion about the future of the airport authority. Let’s see how this one goes.

  • In case you missed this in the U-T Thursday, Chula Vista’s woes keep coming out:

In June, the City Council approved a $299 million budget for fiscal 2008, but the city discovered in August it had less than $292 million to work with.

Finance Director Maria Kachadoorian has blamed the gap on her overly high revenue projections for sales tax, franchise fees from the South Bay Power Plant and building permits.

This hasn’t hit bottom yet.


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