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Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2007 | Perhaps some of those who voted for the booze ban at the beach can peer into the future and tell us how this absurdity is to be enforced.

Will roaming cops feel empowered to repeatedly visit every beachgoer with a beverage container to sniff the contents of those Coke cans and Starbucks cups to check for the demon rum or the usual cheap beer?

Can we expect prying cops to rummage beachgoers’ ditty bags and coolers without cause for contraband while they’re surfing and unable to stop them? How much money does San Diego think it will make from enforcement during the trial period from fines and yearly bonuses coming from the state and fed based on more arrests at the beaches? This ban is only going to add to a greater strain on law enforcement resources in the short term and ignite more confrontations like the one Faulconer used for his excuse to support it. The confrontation on Labor Day was a rare anomaly and the whole idea smacks of a Draconian attempt at a cheap fix.

If people want to worry about dangers at the beach, they should concentrate on rip currents and the grim pollution levels in the water. That will harm far more children in the long run than the occasional idiot at the jetty. As for this ban, a better solution would have been to limit sales of alcohol by outlets in the beach areas. A ban without sales limits is a failure waiting to happen, just like most other brainwaves issuing from government in this cul-de-sac by the sea.

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