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Thursday, Nov. 8, 2007 | Please, please spare us from the always partisan and usually inane comments of James Goldsborough. He makes Lionel Van Deerlin look like a conservative! He trashes the terms “Islamofascist and “War on Terror” as if this is not a defining point in history against Isalmic fanatics worldwide. Did he forget 9/11 and all the other thousands, if not millions, of people killed in the name of Allah all over the world in the past two decades?? Shall we just call them the “Peace seeking Islamists”?

Offering no solution to this very real Islamic threat, the forever globalist Goldsborough pretends that Iran now only wants nuclear power for energy purposes, while its Holocaust-denying leader clearly has greater aspirations with that power. He has publicly vowed to wipe Israel off the map and is sponsoring and supporting terrorism in other countries while happily announcing there are no gays in Iran. Wonder why.

Goldsborough has no more credibility than Ahmadinejad.

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