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The chart to the right maps out the three tiers of the Case-Shiller Home Price Index from their respective peaks through to the recently-released September figures.

The high-priced home category dropped as expected, declining 1.5 percent from August’s number. What was less expected was the abuse endured by the low-priced tier, which fell a brutal 3.6 percent in just one month. The middle category fared best of all, dropping a comparatively small 1.2 percent for the month.

According to the Case-Shiller HPIs, aggregate resale home prices as of September were down 7.2 percent for high-priced homes, 12.3 percent for mid-priced homes, and 16.4 percent for low-priced homes.

People with questions about the calculation of these indexes and price tiers are directed to the prior article.


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