Our contributor and media columnist Seth Hettena called me earlier today with the news that he’s been subpoenaed.

Hettena, of course, is the author of the book “Feasting on the Spoils: The Life and Times of Randy Cunningham, History’s Most Corrupt Congressman.”

He’s been asked to appear in court and to bring with him:

… any and all written or electronic information including but not limited to papers, notes, documents, correspondence, emails, records, internal memoranda, phone logs, and/or other documentation pertaining to the sources you referred to in your book Feasting on the Spoils and/or any news articles or blogs about the pending indictment(s) against Brent Wilkes, Kyle Dustin Foggo and/or John Michael.

From what I understand, Wilkes is trying to find evidence of illegal leaks of secret Grand Jury information leading up to his trial. He was convicted of conspiracy, bribery, money laundering and honest services wire fraud for his dealings with Cunningham.

Go to Seth’s blog for some background like this. Seth said that AP, the Wall Street Journal and NBC News have also been subpoenaed.


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