Monday, Dec. 24, 2007 | Regarding the article “After the Lease Came the Lawsuits in Navy Project” by Evan McLaughlin, I offer this perspective: the professionals in city planning, transit, development, environmental science, architecture, construction and others are thoughtful and concerned people who are mischaracterized by the off-putting term “activists.”

I see that term used anytime there is organized citizen activity that is NOT in favor of the establishment status quo. Most people think of activists negatively, but here, the members of the Broadway Complex Coalition are community leaders who care that the bayfront land use is not abused and that the project stay within the law. It’s unfortunate that it takes federal and state lawsuits to compel the developer to do the right thing, but if the people don’t do it, then who will? Surely not our current crop of politicians or their subjects at CCDC. Here in the USA, it is just for the people to organize against the status quo when it is in disservice to the majority of the people and unlawful.

The reason the developer is fighting the lawsuits is simply that staying within the law cuts into the profit margin of the development, and in the case of the seismic studies that won’t be released, there’s special interest concern that the results could turn this who navy defense campus into a downtown park overnight.

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