I spend a lot of time talking about what’s wrong at City Hall. But today’s Café host reminded me of something positive.

The City Clerk’s Office has finally made electronic versions of the campaign finance disclosures available online. This should save both people like me and the clerk’s staff quite a bit of time. As Brian Adams, today’s host, notes, there’s still a lot that could be done, but this is a long time coming. Kudos to the clerk, Liz Maland, and her staff.

I remember them talking about putting these filings online in 2004. Better late than never.

Secondly, I was able to pay a parking ticket online the other day. How it took the city of San Diego this long to put up that feature is beyond me. I was paying parking tickets online in Salt Lake City a decade ago. I was really good at it, in fact. But, again, better late than never.


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