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The office of state Sen. Christine Kehoe, D-San Diego, announced today that the legislator will introduce a bill this week aiming to reform the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board. The water board regulates the discharge of pollution into the region’s waterways and is responsible for ordering cleanups and fining polluters.

Kehoe has not offered any specifics about the legislation. The deadline to introduce such a bill is this week; 30 days must pass before changes can be made.

In a news release, Kehoe specifically criticized the pace of a tentative board-ordered cleanup of contaminated sediment in San Diego Bay, pointing to delays in efforts to make files available electronically. Kehoe said:

This agency has a reputation for inaction, and this week’s announcement of another delay in completing the Shipyard Sediment Cleanup and Abatement project in San Diego Bay will only further postpone clean-up of this critical water body. This is not an isolated incident, and I will consider all options to make the agency more effective.”


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