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Brian Marvel, a board member for the San Diego Police Officer’s Association, just called us to say the organization is withdrawing its endorsement of John Hartley in the District 3 City Council race.

The organization, Marvel said, could not justify the endorsement in light of Hartley’s recent indecent exposure arrest, regardless of whether he ends up being charged with a crime.

“We’re going to end up doing the investigation,” said Marvel, pointing to conflict the arrest created.

Hartley was arrested March 27 after allegations that he was urinating and masturbating in a cup while sitting in his truck parked on Vista Street in Kensington.

The POA is now only endorsing Todd Gloria in the competitive District 3 race among Hartley, Gloria, Stephen Whitburn, James Hartline, Paul Broadway and Robert E. Lee.

I put a call into Hartley and his campaign consultant Larry Remer and haven’t heard back yet.


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