There was a lingering question Friday about whether Marti Emerald could legally take a second (or third) job if she becomes a member of the San Diego City Council.

She has said she will suffer financially with the $75,000 salary council members earn and she may keep doing consulting work or teach at a college to make up for it.

It looks like she would be in charge of deciding whether that’s OK or not.

The city charter says this (emphasis mine):

Council members, including the Mayor, shall devote full time to the duties of their office and not engage in any outside employment, trade, business or profession which interferes or conflicts with those duties.

How in the world would you ever be able to prove that an outside job interfered or conflicted with an official’s duties? You’d have to ask them. I bet I can predict how they would answer if asked whether they were letting their private enterprise efforts interfere with their official duties.

Reader Jennifer asked me to go a bit further with this in feedback on the last post.

Here was Jennifer’s question:

The attack on Marti Emerald is very transparent and may actually bring up more questions about her opponent’s outside work. Will Ms [April] Boling continue her current accounting career outside of council work if elected? And, will she actually be making more money…or less…. than she does now, if elected? I await answers, Scott. Thanks

OK, answers. I asked April Boling if the council salary would be less than her current earnings. She said “definitely.”

I asked if she’d keep active in her accounting business. She said the council salary is enough.

“I believe it is impossible for a councilmember to represent his or her district well with a side job,” she said. “Once elected, I will shut down my accounting practice and take no new clients or employment during my term in office.”

Hope that helps.


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