Wednesday, April 16, 2008 | Let’s be fair by reporting both sides!

Recently, Officer White from the San Diego Police Department was involved in an off-duty incident where he fired his weapon, injuring two people. The news media was quick to pass judgment. No, they did not state it was Officer White that caused the road rage, and no they did not come out and say the firing of his weapon was unjust or unnecessary. However, the news media, specifically the U-T, KUSI and others, were unfair in their reporting and quite one-sided. Now that the investigation has been released to the public and it has been verified that Ms. Silva’s blood alcohol was almost twice over the legal limit (.15) and she actually struck Officer White’s vehicle not once, but twice, putting both himself and his wife in peril of great bodily injury or even death, where is the news media now?

How can the news media be so reckless and destroy someone’s reputation? The news media print their version before the facts are out, not caring whose reputation they step on. Then they fail to print a retraction on the same page that their misinformation was printed on, or retract and apologize in the same manner they televised their one-sided report. The truth has no relevance to them. It is a matter of sensationalism for them only. Where is their integrity?

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