Monday, May 5, 2008 | I was honestly surprised when I heard Donna Frye was upset about the mail piece we sent out from the Labor Council earlier this week, and I am truly sorry if anyone was offended by the mail. We were motivated to create the piece because of our desire to highlight the leadership exhibited by Democrats on the City Council when they supported these positive, progressive actions despite the unwarranted but heavy opposition mounted by Mayor Jerry Sanders and some of the more reactionary members of the business community.

Although one of the newspapers in town has taken to printing the e-mail addresses of our council members when they want readers to contact them about more sensational issues, we didn’t see the same courtesy extended to the public on the General Plan update after the Council fixed the mayor’s proposal to better protect our environment and promote self-sustaining wages. I wish we could afford to alert the voters every time our Council accomplishes something as visionary as the general plan update, but unfortunately, we just can’t possibly do that.

We stand by our decision to publically thank Councilmembers Toni Atkins, Donna Frye, Ben Hueso, and Tony Young; and, to highlight the leadership of Council President Scott Peters, who authored both the environmental and economic prosperity policies that made their way into the General Plan. But, I am sorry if Councilwoman Frye or anyone else took the “Thank You” the wrong way — that certainly wasn’t our intentions.

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