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The 7th City Council District is fortunate to have someone with the fiscal experience, personal integrity and strong community planning background of longtime civic and community activist April Boling as a candidate. Her integrity, no-nonsense approach to fiscal analysis and financial management and ability to make tough decisions and then follow through to implement them are her trademarks.

Few people in or out of government are able to read a city budget like April can, know what the numbers mean to those San Diegans who rely on city services and share that information with the public. From her early warnings about the road the city was taking on its pensions to her accurate assessment of the budget decisions made by previous mayors, April’s insights have helped the public understand the decisions that were made by elected officials.

I have known April Boling for a long time, and have been impressed by her volunteer service as chairwoman of the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, as chairwoman of the San Diego Convention Center Corporation and as a member of the San Diego Citizens Budget Committee.

April also has years of experience as a community planner, serving as a member and chairwoman of the Navajo Community Planners Inc., where she dealt with complicated land use matters, helped the Navajo community come to consensus regarding proposed projects and then effectively communicated the community’s support, opposition or recommendations for changes to the City Council. April also served as chairwoman of the Patrick Henry High School Foundation, and learned first hand the opportunities and challenges faced by PTAs and local groups when dealing with the school district and the city.

How refreshing to have someone like April Boling who can be sworn in as a council member and immediately be able to read and analyze the city budget, and not have to rely on some city employee or staff member to explain what it all means. Ask yourself, do you want someone making policy decisions about retirement plans, negotiations with the Chargers, complicated land use matters, discussions with the School District over joint use, and the annual budget who has never had to do so before?

April has visited more than 9000 homes in the 7th District so far, and has shared with me and others how important it is to listen to local residents, hear their concerns and interests, and translate that into a “to do list” for the 7th District that will make a real difference in the quality of life of all, from youngsters through senior citizens. Her grassroots campaign is based on direct communication with those who live in the district’s neighborhoods. She wants to know what is important to local residents and let them know how she will handle their issues as a member of the City Council.

Born and raised in the heart of San Diego, April graduated from Hoover High School and the University of San Diego, where she earned her accounting degree. As a Certified Public Accountant, her career began as a budget analyst for the Department of the Navy, where she was responsible for internal budgeting and external negotiations, overseeing a budget of more that $200 million. Later, she was a tax manager for the San Diego office of Price Waterhouse, one of the world’s largest accounting firms. In 1989, April began her own CPA practice that for more than 18 years has provided tax and accounting services to individuals, businesses and political clients. She is one of the leading experts both within the city and the state in campaign finance and helped shape political reporting so that it is fair, accurate and accessible to the public.

An independent thinker who needs no learning curve when she is sworn in to office this December, April will be able to read — and more importantly, understand — the city budget and budgets of the various city agencies including the Centre City Development Corporation, Data Processing Corporation, Convention Center Corporation and the Metropolitan Transit System that operates our trolley and bus systems.

I, for one, am ready for a City Council that will work to actually find a way to expand hours at our city recreation centers, swimming pools and libraries, who will work to assure that the city’s 900 linear miles of homes fronting on to city open space canyons can rely on regular brush management taking place, and who will work with police, firefighters and lifeguards to enhance public safety.

I trust April to do this. I know she has the skills to do so.


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