Both Carl DeMaio and George George are putting their own money into the race for San Diego’s District 5 City Council seat. But that is where the similarities end.

DeMaio, a Republican, has raised $501,209, with $109,778 coming in the most recent filing period running from mid March to last week. George George, meanwhile, has raised a total of $28,145, with $22,265 coming in the recent period.

DeMaio’s campaign war chest includes $297,372 from either his own contributions or loans. He contributed $29,754 of his own money during the recent period, which represents a dollar-for-dollar match of his money from outside contributors. He has loaned his campaign a total of $94,101. Candidates can either loan or donate to their own campaigns. They can collect contributions to pay off the loans for a period after the election. Donations can’t be repaid.

DeMaio spent $107,927 during the recent filing period, and $196,411 in the campaign to date.

George raised $22,265 during the recent period, including a $9,000 loan from himself. He loaned his campaign $3,000 earlier in the year. George spent $16,464 during the recent period, and $17,432 total.


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