San Diego City Council candidates from District 1raised money at a good clip (most of it their own) over the past couple months, and spent it even faster with total spending approaching $1 million.

The three candidates — Marshall Merrifield, Phil Thalheimer and Sherri Lightner — raised a total of $457,961 during the most recent reporting period, and spent $528,968. Since the campaign started last year, the three have raised $807,166, and spent $883,994.

Merrifield, a Republican, raised and spent the most between mid March and last week: $302,624 and $378,610 respectively. Since the beginning of the campaign Merrifield has raised $491,724, with the vast majority of it ($447,000) coming from his own checkbook.

He has spent a total of $558,604 for the campaign, with about $200,000 going toward the production of his television ad and air time. So far, Merrifield is the only City Council candidate to buy TV time.

Thalheimer, a Republican who spent $1.1 million of his own money in a losing campaign against City Council President Scott Peters in 2004, has ratcheted back his spending this time around. He raised $122,359 in the recent period, with $115,000 coming from his own pocket. For the campaign, Thalheimer has raised $208,936.

Thalheimer spent $120,491 during the recent period, and $230,822 for the campaign so far.

Lightner, a Democrat, raised $32,978 during the recent period and $106,506 for the campaign thus far. She has loaned her campaign $21,000, with $20,000 coming during the recent period. She has spent $29,867 and $94,568 respectively.


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