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With Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposing to scale back planned cuts to California schools, San Diego Unified school board president Katherine Nakamura sees a glimmer of hope for teachers facing termination.

“We are hopeful that a significant number of the layoffs will be rescinded,” Nakamura said yesterday. “It’s better news — not good news. It doesn’t get us out of the woods.”

San Diego Unified originally planned to lay off more than 900 teachers based on early predictions of an $80 million shortfall for the school district. Last week, the school board rolled back nearly 300 of those potential layoffs, including 76 counselors, 15 librarians, and 102 high school English teachers, expecting that the state would reduce cuts or that schools could tap into reserve funds.

Nakamura said Superintendent Terry Grier would likely make an announcement regarding the layoffs before next Tuesday’s school board meeting.


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