Less than $1,200 separates Democrats Todd Gloria and Stephen Whitburn in the money race for San Diego City Council seat in District 3. A significant portion of Whitburn’s money is coming from his own pocket, while Gloria is relying completely on outside contributors.

Democrat John Hartley is lagging both of his opponents.

Gloria has raised $178,436 for his campaign, with $40,061 coming during the recent filing period between mid March and last week. Whitburn has raised $177,251, with $48,591 coming during the recent period.

Whitburn has loaned himself $73,000 during the campaign — $30,000 during the recent period.

Hartley has raised $60,079, with $50,000 coming from loans he has made to his campaign. He loaned himself $18,000 during the recent period.

Republicans James Hartline and Robert E. Lee, and Libertarian Paul Broadway all have raised less than $4,000.

To date, Gloria has spent $164,242; Whitburn $160,841 and Hartley $68,740.

Correction: The original version of this post erroneously stated that “most” of Whitburn’s funds for the campaign had come from his own investment in the candidacy. In fact, less than half did. We apologize for the error.


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