Ever since I got into the office this morning and read in a press release from the Sanders campaign that District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has again decided to endorse a candidate in an election, I’ve been trying to get hold of someone at the DA’s Office.

I have made repeated calls to the office phones of both of Dumanis’ spokesmen, Steve Walker and Paul Levikow. Both phones go straight to voicemail. I’ve called both spokesmen on their cell phones. Straight to voicemail. I’ve left messages.


No explanation as to why Dumanis would offer her endorsement in this race despite previously saying that she would not endorse except in “unusual circumstances.”

I would also like to ask the District Attorney’s Office about an e-mail I got from a reader this morning piggybacking my political spam story from earlier this week. I’ll just reproduce that in full:

Good morning Mr Carless…

Wouldn’t a robo-call from Bonnie Dumanis (at 9:22 this morning) advocating Jan Goldsmith count as a form of spam?  And this from someone who declared she/her office should/would not endorse political candidates??

The caller ID was masked by “Out of area” but I answered anyway…surprise!

So much for our District Attorney’s credibility (and I voted for her initially—bloody hell!)

I spoke with John Hoy, Goldsmith’s campaign manager, this morning and he confirmed that Dumanis has recorded a campaign call for Goldsmith that has been going out today.

Paul, Steve, Bonnie, we are ready for your call.


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