Mike Aguirre just got off a plane from Princeton, N.J., where he has been for the last few days attending his daughter’s graduation ceremony.

He gave me a call and said he’s having a press conference tonight to talk about what happens next in the city attorney’s race. In a surprise result, Aguirre came second in last night’s primary election to Superior Court Judge Jan Goldsmith. The two now proceed to a runoff election in November.

Councilmen Scott Peters and Brian Maienschein finished third and fourth, respectively. Amy Lepine finished fifth.

“I called Jan this morning and congratulated him,” Aguirre said. “I think Scott Peters is the real shocker.”

I asked Aguirre if he’s going to start ramping up his reelection campaign, which has been markedly lackluster for the last few months.

“Yes,” he said laughing. “I’m actually going to start running a campaign now. I’m going to have a paid campaign manager and everything.”


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