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It was rather amusing to see Judge Jan Goldsmith tout his endorsement from the San Diego Municipal Employees Association.

He crowed that it was another example of the great “coalition” he was building.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like, a few weeks ago, being tied to unions wasn’t such a great thing for a city attorney candidate.

The best radio ad of the campaign season was Mr. Goldsmith’s very own takedown of his rivals. Remember, he used a circus theme to paint City Hall as a mess only an outsider could tame. And what did the narrator say about Scott Peters, the doomed City Council president trying to become city attorney?

In ring two, see Scott “the wonder pony” Peters jump through hoops, straddle fences and juggle important city issues all to please his labor union handlers.

Now that Goldsmith is the preferred choice of the firefighters union, the police union, and the white-collar City Hall workers, is it no longer so bad to be associated with unions?

What a joke.


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