Tuesday, July 15, 2008 |Something smells here. I just don’t get how Grantville redevelopment can pay for the North Embarcadero improvements in front of the County Administration Building and improvements to the C Street corridor. I’m not a fan of the Grantville redevelopment area anyway and this “deal” smells funny. Some creative attorneys must have gotten in a closed door backroom and “negotiated” this to CCDC’s benefit. And how come they (downtown interests) get the funds? Aren’t there more citywide redevelopment areas that could use this type of “sweetheart” arrangement?

What’s going on here? The public needs to know more before this “deal” is approved. The CCDC board votes this Wednesday, July 15, at a special meeting. That along with the City sitting as the Redevelopment agency may be the only two times the public get to weigh in.

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