Friday, July 25, 2008 | The City Council and the mayor are guilty of neglect as much as SEDC and CCDC are guilty of shameless, perpetual “no checks and balances.” In times of austerity, a public comparative analysis of salaries of SEDC, CCDC and the Mayor’s staff, position by position, is overdue.

In 1998, community members packed SEDC Board meetings and City Council Chambers alerting the SEDC board and the Redevelopment Agency (City Council) during budget hearings, that the annual $100,000 approved for SEDC since the mid 1980s for a study area was going to administrative salaries instead of community improvements.

The annual $100,000 continued to fatten salaries and the study area is still a study area without any improvements.

It didn’t matter then and apparently it doesn’t matter now because it’s “not a priority.”

Here again, we have “community neglect by design” by our elected officials.”

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