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The four appointments Mayor Jerry Sanders has asked to be made to the board of the Southeastern Economic Development Corp. are a “major step” towards reform of the agency, according to a statement just issued by the Mayor’s Office.

As I reported earlier, the mayor sent the City Council a memo yesterday advocating for four new appointments to SEDC’s board. The appointees must be approved by the City Council.

The press release quotes Sanders:

“These four individuals bring an incredible depth and range of experience and expertise to this board, and I have no doubt that their capabilities will benefit this organization tremendously,” said Sanders. “We’re grateful for their willingness to serve the San Diego community in this capacity.”


“These appointments are a major step toward fulfilling my goal of improving oversight of the SEDC,” Sanders said. “I’ll continue to work with the Council and the community to ensure that this important organization is run responsibly and efficiently.”


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