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Reader RD sent in some thoughts on today’s story about the land bank. I’ll quote most of the e-mail here and give you a chance below to chime in:

It usually makes me nervous when government meddles with housing.

Economically it never made sense to me to give people money to help them buy homes because they are too expensive.

It seems that would just add fuel to rising prices.

This plan though, seems to makes some sense. 

I really feel for the people who did everything right and now see their neighborhoods falling apart.

I like the idea of targeting opportunities where the organization can buy homes in bulk from the banks. 

It should encourage others to buy individual homes in the area with more confidence that the area will… thrive is too strong a word.

I just hope it doesn’t turn into something like SEDC.

RD refers, of course, to the embattled Southeastern Economic Development Corp., the scandals at which my colleagues have been exposing for nearly two years.

What do you make of the land bank plan? Send me an e-mail at kelly.bennett@voiceofsandiego.org. Let me know if I can quote your thoughts using your initials in a follow-up post.


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