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The campaign for Proposition S, a $2.1 billion facilities bond to help repair and replace buildings in San Diego Unified school district, has far outstripped the opposition in campaign contributions made between July and September.

That’s not hard to do: Opponents of the school bond say they haven’t raised a cent.

“My only effort was to put up a website with the ability to donate through a PayPal account,” said Pat Flannery, a real estate broker who is leading the opposition group, Taxpayers for Sharing Redevelopment Funds with Schools. “Nobody has done so, so therefore I assume they’re perfectly willing to pay the $2.1 billion.”

Bond proponents raised $281,943 in the past three months and spent roughly $200,000, and have an outstanding debt of about $117,000. The top donors to the campaign, called Education for Children, include Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs, who gave $50,000, and construction consulting firm Gafcon Inc., which gave $49,500. Fundraising began slowly earlier this year and picked up after the school board officially approved putting the bond on the November ballot.

And they’re not finished: The campaign is charging $250 per ticket for a cocktail reception and fundraiser next week.


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