This post last night on the spooky anti-Stephen Whitburn mailer has whipped up quite a bit of response today. A number of people say they’ve been wrongly labeled as developers in the mailer and aren’t too happy with the insinuation that they’re like, you know, the devil.

Here’s one from David Potter:

I must strenuously add my objection to the mailer discussed in your article yesterday.

The mailer clearly misrepresents my occupation as “Development” on the obviously phony Form 460. In fact, I am a planning and environmental consultant, and that is how I am listed on the real forms submitted by Stephen Whitburn.  Not only have I not been involved in any “back room deals” with Stephen Whitburn, I have never been in any meeting with Stephen. Not only does the mailer wrongly impugn Mr. Whitburn’s conduct and integrity, but it impugns mine as well. The deliberate misrepresentation and accusations damage my reputation and harm my business.  I hope that I and others do not have to resort to legal action to correct these libelous statements, accusations and innuendo.

It is unfortunate that this campaign has slipped into the gutter.


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