Todd Gloria has a commanding lead in the race for the District 3 San Diego City Council seat with nearly 50 percent of precincts reporting as of 1:30 a.m.

He has maintained about a 9 point lead over Stephen Whitburn throughout the evening, and by around 10 p.m. was confident enough to give what was essentially a victory speech.

“My mother was a hotel maid and my dad a gardener,” Gloria said to supporters in a packed ballroom at the Westgate hotel. “Only in San Diego could I be your next City Council member.”

Whitburn acknowledged around 11 p.m. that things did not look good for him, but said he would not concede until a majority of votes were counted.

With 47.3 percent of the precincts reporting, Gloria had 13,627 votes (54.54 percent) to Whitburn’s 11,360 (45.46 percent).

You can check the registrar’s website for the latest updates. We’ll have updates in the morning.


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