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This pause in our winners and losers tracking brought to you by some news.

Two very different potential City Council members for Chula Vista are separated now by only 50 votes. Pamela Bensoussan, a Democrat, is only down 50 votes in the latest update of the vote counting released by the Registrar of Voters tonight. When the count paused this weekend, Republican Russ Hall led Bensoussan by 119 votes.

And the vote count in District 7 of the San Diego City Council just tightened quite a bit as well, though Republican April Boling still trails Democrat Marti Emerald by 452 votes. Boling already conceded and it looked to be pretty clear when, this weekend, the vote count had Emerald up 24,036 votes to 23,207 — a difference of 829 votes.

Boling’s new count, however, made up nearly half that gap. Tomorrow night’s release of new numbers should come close to settling this — unless it just gets closer.


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