Friday, Dec. 19, 2008 | In times of budget crisis and water shortage, how can the city, county and state waste so much money on unnecessary watering?

Calls for conservation and threats of penalties have been put out.  Shouldn’t strict standards for water usage apply first to those who use other people’s money to water?  Taxpayers are being squeezed from all sides and must ask questions about irresponsible planting and watering. 

CalTrans waters almost 100 times a year. If that is necessary, they have made serious errors in choosing plants.  Watering ice plants this much is shocking.  I water mine once a year; it does fine and I am in Escondido.   I have many beautiful evergreen native plants such as oaks, Christmas berry and lemonade berry.  I never water them and they are beautiful all year. 

I suppose it all looks different when one has to personally pay the bill!

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