Monday, Jan. 5, 2009 | How much water is required to produce algae? I assume a large farm in the desert will need a lot of water. The Salton Sea is a mess, but aren’t we the taxpayers committed for billions in restoration of the Sea. That will require millions of acre ft of water. Where are we going to get this water? We are in a water crisis now. You could use tidal lagoons along the coast, but aren’t we restoring those too. It seems to me that the Southeast is the place for algae farms, lots of water and sun. Now they treasure their wetlands so that might not fly. Alternative fuels sound great, but each has flaws. Corn uses too much energy in production and makes food more expensive. Algae may be an answer but I am sure there are more questions than mine. Natural gas and hydrogen seem to offer easier and cheaper solutions. For the next 20 years, oil will still be the main fuel.

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