A reader e-mailed us following this post, which quoted mayoral spokeswoman Rachel Laing said the Mayor’s Office don’t expect a flood of lawsuits following the elimination of supervisors at the city’s skate parks.

Laing said that based on talks with other cities, liability should actually drop because there is less of an expectation that kids are going to be watched. The reader asked if that same line of reasoning could be applied to eliminate lifeguards at the city’s beaches, a much larger budget item than the $282,571 that city officials estimate will be saved by cutting the skate park supervisors.

Laing said today that there’s been no talk about cutting lifeguards because the situations aren’t comparable.

“What happens in the water is a way bigger issue of public safety than what happens at skate parks,” Laing said.

She said lifeguards have a much different role than park supervisors, who mostly collected fees and told kids to wear helmets. While that could save lives, she said, it’s much less rare than for a lifeguard. In addition to their water duties such as pulling people out of the water and keeping surfers away from swimmers, Laing noted that lifeguards also keep the beaches safe.


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