Humor me for a couple more graphs so that we might expand on last week’s post on employment.

First up is a graph showing how the various employment sectors (not just the housing-related ones that I like to single out) fared in the year 2008:

The “education and health” supersector fared best, growing by 2.4 percent to gain 3,100 jobs. (The new jobs were split pretty evenly between the health and education industries, it turns out). Gains in those few other sectors that eked out some growth, including the formerly fast-expanding leisure and hospitality industry, were weak.

As often discussed previously, the sectors that benefitted the most from the housing boom — finance/real estate, construction, and retail — are now suffering the greatest losses.

This next graph indicates the relative size of each sector as of year-end 2008. Forgive the lack of a consistent color scheme.

I last updated this chart for the August 2007 employment data. It’s interesting to note that despite all that’s happened since then, the composition of San Diego’s employment has hardly changed at all.


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