Last night San Diego Unified staffers gave parents a chance to mull the same tough decisions that the school board and the superintendent are weighing: What else should be cut to balance the budget? So I thought I’d put the same question to you.

Though the school board has tentatively greenlighted $45 million in cuts and savings that range from slashing the central office to streamlining bus routes, it is still seeking more cuts. San Diego Unified has estimated its deficit for next school year at more than $63 million. And it also needs to find another $14 million to redirect toward a new way of funding individual schools. That means that San Diego Unified is still looking for more than $30 million.

School board members and the superintendent have been asked to go over the remaining options and rank them. Last night, staffers put the same task to a parent committee that oversees funds for disadvantaged students, and asked them to return their rankings so that the school board and superintendent could get their input.

You can do the same. Check out this list of the potential cuts.

Now look at the form: The “blue group” have already been approved by the school board. The “red group” are cuts that are being considered but have not been approved. They range from cutting pay for visiting teachers to trimming or eliminating visual and performing arts programs. Many require layoffs or bargaining with employee unions.

I’d tell you to send your ideas to me, but it probably makes more sense to send them to the school board. You can e-mail them at


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