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A couple of announcements:

  • Andrew Donohue and I are going to be doing a little experiment with KOGO radio for the next month. We’ll be on a weekly show with KOGO program director Cliff Albert. It’s going to run Sundays at noon for the month and we’re going to see how it’s received. So, if you are one of those people who (like me) enjoys getting up on Sundays to watch the political talk shows and you are in the mood for a more local discussion when they’re done, tune in to A.M. 600 and we’ll talk your ear off.
  • I’m going to be on NBC 7/39 Friday after 4 p.m. to talk about this briefly. I’m not going to let this go — and from your e-mails, it appears you aren’t either — so tune in.
  • Here’s NBC 7/39’s report on the county pension’s big news yesterday:

There are a lot of things happening these days. Thank you so much for the support you’ve all sent in regarding our fundraising messages. The notes you’ve sent in with your donations are truly moving.


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