San Diego’s Office of the Independent Budget Analyst just released its review of Mayor Jerry Sanders’ Fiscal Year 2010 budget. The review mentions the creation of a new rank at the Fire Department but misses the fact that the Police Department has also created a new rank.

I’ve been writing about these new ranks for the last week or so. Last week we published this story on the creation of the Firefighter III position. The IBA’s report pretty much paraphrases the story. Here’s what it says:

As a result of labor negotiations with Local 145, and following review and approval of their request by the City’s Personnel Department and the Civil Service Commission, the Salary Ordinance for FY 2010 includes the addition of a new classification, Fire Fighter III, with a salary range 5% higher than Fire Fighter II.

It is possible that one Fire Fighter III could be assigned to each shift at each station, equating to approximately 140 positions, at an increase in pay. Preliminary estimates for the maximum budgetary impact are approximately $560,000.

The FY 2010 Proposed Budget does not include the new classification, or funding for the potential promotion of current staff. This is under review by the Fire-Rescue Department and may be requested as part of the May revision process.

I called the IBA and left a message asking why the review doesn’t mention the creation of the Police Officer III position, which I wrote about in this post yesterday. No word back yet.

Update: The original version of this post linked to the wrong report.


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