Alright, I know it’s been slow in Credentialed lately, but I’ve got a bunch of items to share. I’m going to break it into a few posts and get my ideas out as time allows.

I’m going to start with outtakes from Kelly Bennett‘s latest installment of People at Work.

Photographing the opera was pretty cool — way more fun that I had planned for — but also pretty challenging. There wasn’t a whole lot of light to work with backstage and I couldn’t really get a fully lit straight on shot of my subject. Not to mention that you have to be really careful not to get in anyone’s way backstage, so suffice to say, I was treading lightly.

Anyway, here are my two favorite outtakes. This first one speaks a bit to the magnitude of what Kelly’s subject, Mary Yankee Peters, has to deal with. She’s flipping furiously through this notebook keeping track of the music and all kinds of cues that are a long time in the planning.

The next image here corresponds to a part of Kelly’s story. Here’s the relevant passage:

This is essentially Peters’ desk, this console with three mounted monitors. One shows what’s happening onstage, one shows the conductor and one shows the light cues. A Gumby toy on the console is a mascot, a bit of a good-luck charm, she says. A mat under her feet identifies her spot in white letters: “MYP.”


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