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Investigative reporters at the Bay Area’s ABC affiliate television station ran a piece last night about the statewide real estate scam orchestrated by Jim McConville, who lives in the Bay Area.

The swindle’s local footprint was the focus of our big investigation earlier this year. We described how McConville used rented identities to buy 81 condos in Escondido and San Marcos in 2008, pulling $12.5 million from the deals. The condos are making their way through foreclosure now.

The ABC story highlights a couple of interesting bits in this dramatic story, including the horror film that McConville and his daughter, Nicole, put together called Red Velvet. The TV crew caught footage of Jim McConville at his lawyer’s office, and Nicole McConville at the courthouse in Alameda County. Neither spoke to the reporter asking them questions.

Here’s the clip.


Kelly Bennett

Kelly Bennett is a former staff writer for Voice of San Diego.

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