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I was pleasantly surprised to see my RSS reader loaded up today with a bunch of cool new blog posts from local photographers. I normally just share these on Twitter, but there was enough this morning to justify putting them all together in a blog post.

First up, Elyse Butler and Matt Mallams, two Ocean Beach photographers in Hawaii for the summer, have great new posts, including everything from found photos to July 4th festivities. Check out Bulter’s work here and Mallams’ work here.

Sandy Huffaker attended the annual “Stand Down” event, which is a weekend-long endeavor providing homeless veterans all sorts of assistance.

Elsewhere in the country, Baltimore-based Patrick Smith had this great off-beat moment from a high-school graduation. And, for all you local surfers, the New York Times Lens blog (which is a must-read every day) shares these images from photographer Chris Bickford.


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