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Superintendent Terry Grier just sent out this announcement in his weekly notes:

Following the announcement this week that I have been named as the final candidate for the Superintendent position at the Houston Independent School District, I have been overwhelmed with calls and emails from not only the media but also many employees, parents and community members. Let me share with you my thoughts about the opportunity in Houston and my on-going work here at San Diego Unified.

First, here are some facts about my current situation. I was heavily recruited for this position and after many calls I agreed to explore the opportunity. Being selected as the finalist for this position does not mean I have been offered a contract or that I have accepted a job offer, which cannot be done under Texas state law until after a 21-day period after the naming of a finalist.

My next step is to meet with our Board of Education to discuss this situation and to review possible options with them. I have and continue to enjoy my work here at San Diego Unified and I am so proud of our entire team for the tremendous progress we have made during the last school year to help our students to succeed. I am looking forward to helping our district launch a successful new school year on September the 8th when we welcome back our students. We’re ready to expand on the many accomplishments of the last year and give our students another year of relevant and rigorous instruction that will add another building block for their successful futures.

We all need to look ahead to the new school year and keep our focus on our students. That is where my focus will remain, to ensure that we all keep working hard to start the school year ready to provide the very best education possible to every student.

Thank you the many encouraging messages I have received this week and for the support that the entire San Diego community continues to provide for our schools and our students.


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