Here’s the situation:

One of our readers visited the San Diego State area recently and got a parking ticket. He didn’t see any of the special street parking signs, but eventually found one and captured the photograph below. I checked out the validity (it’s not a Photoshop project) through Google Maps.

Here’s the question:

I wonder if the owner of this house gets compensation from the city or part of my parking fine as rent for the use of their front yard. After all, if the city put a sign in my front yard without my permission, I would take it down unless they paid me for the use. Does this homeowner get paid and if not, why is that sign still in their yard?

Here’s the answer:

Residents do not get a portion of the profits from parking tickets issued outside their homes, police and street division officials said. The city also doesn’t pay homeowners for having a “no parking” sign on their lawn. In this case, the sign exists within a small border area that’s privately owned but may be used by public entities, even utility or cable companies. In other cases, the city may be required to ask permission before placing a sign on private property.


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